Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just when I thought we were done

I figured we were finished with major garden additions for the year and then I went to work one day last week and found two tomato plants on my desk. One of my coworkers had brought them as a gift for Nico, so of course I had to find a spot for them. This past Sunday I got another carload of bricks from the free brick lady, dug out the last of the giant tansy plants, and added the supposedly-last raised bed section. Nico and I went to get dirt on Monday and planted the tomatoes yesterday evening. I have learned my lesson…I'm not going to say we're done for the year this time. Just in case.

IMG 5003
giant tansy plants (seriously, don't plant these unless you're okay with them taking over completely)

IMG 5056
IMG 5062
The left is a chocolate cherry tomato plant and the right is a Ferris Wheel.

IMG 5006
whole garden, taken before we put in the dirt and plants

IMG 5066
gourds and blackberries…big change in only ten days!

cucumbers climbing
cucumbers starting to climb

IMG 5050
He kept calling this giant zucchini leaf his "green flower." I guess we need to work on plant anatomy.

IMG 5074

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Ruth said...

I love the pics of Nico getting good and wet. Looks like he loved it too :-)