Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden drive-by

It's been terribly hot and even more humid for over a week now, with heat advisories and ozone warnings to go along, so the only thing I've been doing with the garden lately is going out to water it in the evening.

But I had a new tomato to plant, courtesy of my friend S, and it's been waiting on me since last Monday. After Indy's walk, the sun wasn't hitting the garden yet, so I figured I had about half an hour to work before things got unbearable.

The rest of the peppers are now caged:

Last year my pepper plants got really tall and leggy, and then blew over in a mid-summer thunderstorm. I'd like to avoid that this year!

First banana pepper:

The new tomato is planted:

It's either a peace vine cherry tomato or a pineapple tomato, which is described as a "large beefsteak style tomato sometimes weighing up to two pounds." Crazy!

And the cucumber gates are up:

Last year the cucumber plant spread out laterally and took over an entire corner of the garden. I'm hoping I'll be able to convince it to grow up instead of out this year. The gates are from a fence one of my coworkers tore down. Hooray for recycling!

Now, we wait and watch!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weeks 5 & 6



Boxcar Willie

Amish Paste



Raised bed:

Whole garden at week five:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another morning in the garden

I got a bag of strawberry plants from someone on Freecycle on Tuesday, and had plans to find an old wading pool or sandbox to use as a planter. But it was really hot Tuesday and Wednesday, and so by yesterday morning, the strawberries were looking pretty pathetic. So instead, they went into the herb annex that I built last month.

This is how it looked when I started. Weeds inside and out:

Bed plus one hundred pounds of topsoil, bought for $1.19 per forty-pound bag at Rural King:

Strawberries planted, plastic border and landscape fabric added to help keep the grass and weeds from coming back:

Christmas basil from J Dog, planted in the empty front corner of the pea / lettuce / onion bed:

Sunshade MacGyvered from the rainfly off of our old, busted tent. It worked really well, actually!

I also extended the newspaper and fabric cover out to the edge of the herb strawberry annex. Reclaiming a garden from grass is a bit of a constant, Sisyphean task, but we're plugging away.

Finally, some baby vegetables:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week four

Because gardens are paved with good intentions, I meant to get fences up for the peas to climb long before they started wrapping around each other, but never got around to it. MB and I both had the weekend off, so I enlisted his help on Saturday morning to instill some order in the raised bed.

Before:  tangled and shamefully weedy

After:  happily fenced and nicely (for now) weeded and mulched

Most of the plants are doing pretty well, though a few are still disconcertingly small. We now have one baby tomato and one baby zucchini!

Cucumber, strangely scrawny:

We put trellis-type cages around two on Saturday and I put a traditional cage around the third big one today. The trellis cages were a bit hard to put up, but I think the traditional cage was actually a bit harder. We'll see if the tomatoes do better in one vs. the other.
(No idea what's up with Mr. Runty there on the far right by the roll of wire.)



Indy, keeping an eye on us from inside a nearby bush:

And look! The new hostas are huge: