Saturday, June 23, 2012

Florida weave update

As promised, I wanted to give you an update on the Florida weave that I'm using for my tomato plants. I used it in the bed with four roma tomato plants and one grape tomato plant. Of all the tomato plants I have this year -- and there are many -- it turns out that the grape is the only one that is perfectly unsuited for a Florida weave. The tag doesn't say that it's indeterminate, but it is definitely a vine and not a bush. It's already getting sprawly and out of hand and it's not even very big yet. I'm hoping to investigate this weekend and see if it would be possible to either stuff it into a traditional cage or add two stakes on a perpendicular axis and wrap twine around the four to make a sort of string cage. Something must be done, for sure.

The weave seems to be working well for the roma plants, though at this point they'd be fine without any support at all since they're so far shaped like low, closely-growing bushes. I'll keep an eye on those and see if the weave ends up being useful later when they're bigger. The weave would be good for my Brandywine, cherry varieties, or any of the unknown volunteers I have, which are shaped in what I think of as the traditional tomato way, bushy but tall and in need of support. Next year I think I'll plant slicers and cherries in the long bed with a weave and put the romas and any grapes we plant in the side beds with cages as needed.
The rest of the garden is growing like crazy with daily watering.
The half-assed string trellis here is already sagging, so I'm hoping to replace it with a traditional wooden ladder trellis. I'll re-use the stakes and twine to help shore up the sprawly grape tomato plant.

The cucumber is climbing the gates quite nicely!

bell, sweet banana, and serrano peppers

zucchini takeover!

seriously freakish zucchini…I gave two away at work



Ruth said...

How green and wonderful everything looks. Your garden has morphed!
I can't believe how big your pepper plants are. Mine are still miniscule. They must be kind of stunted. I don't think I will be getting any peppers of of them this year...I can see that will not be a problem you will be having LOL

velocibadgergirl said...

I'm in shock at how big everything is already…what will it be like back there by July?? The pepper plants kind of snuck up on me…it seemed like they were in no big hurry to do anything but grow leaves and then suddenly…peppers! everywhere! I suspect the same thing will happen with tomatoes and we'll be utterly overrun by mid-summer. Not a bad problem to have :)