Saturday, June 7, 2008

This is either madness or brilliance

The garden seems to be doing pretty well, other than the ridiculously persistent Bermuda grass that just keeps coming back. I chopped a bunch of it out with a hoe last week:

It was ridiculously hot, hard work (for me, anyway), and a week later, you couldn't even tell that I'd done anything.

I really don't have the time or the inclination to hoe out the garden every few days, but if I don't do something, the grass is going to take over and choke out my vegetables.

I read somewhere online that a good trick for keeping the grass from coming back after the winter is to cover the garden plot with newspaper and wet it down every day until it freezes over. I figured it was worth a try as mulch for the time being, too. I have no idea if there's any chance of it working. I'm either going to save myself a lot of work down the line, or I wasted half a day staking newspapers to the ground with sticks.

Since we're still beta testing, I only did a strip along the front. We'll see how it goes!

cucumber & zucchini, week 2

zucchini, week 3

bell pepper, week 2

row of peppers, week 3

Big Boy tomato plant, week 3

Beefmaster tomato, week 3

row of tomato plants, week 3

baby pepper!


Danger said...

Bermuda grass is possibly my least favorite plant in the whole world, including Audrey II (at least that plant could sing) and Triffids and kudzu.

EvilDucky77 said...

eee! baby pepper!

Unknown said...

when i buy bonnie sprouts from wal mart i peel the bio d cup off.