Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The ugly garden is slightly less ugly!

Nico and I spent the evening outside tonight and I think the garden is just about done. There are still things I'd like to do out there, but we've used up the garden budget and we leave on Friday for a five day trip. Since my last update, I've put plants in all the raised beds, we added another raised bed, and I cleared out the weeds along the left side of the garden.

IMG 4604
Bed 1, peppers:  red bell, green bell, sweet banana (x2), red chili, poblano, serrano, jalapeƱo

IMG 4605
Bed 2:  zucchini, sweet peas

IMG 4606
Bed 3:  habanero pepper, Cajun belle pepper, black cherry tomato, brandywine tomato

IMG 4607
three roma tomatoes and a grape tomato plant

IMG 4610
Cutest supervisor of all time

IMG 4612
Left side cleared out, with compost stack and Nico's digging box

IMG 4613
more left side, with blueberries planted in the ground!

IMG 4617
Whole garden…still ugly, but improving!


Ruth said...

Definitely the cutest supervisor. Your garden is starting to look like a garden :-). Good for you!

EvilDucky77 said...

Awesome! :D