Friday, June 12, 2009

Another morning in the garden

I got a bag of strawberry plants from someone on Freecycle on Tuesday, and had plans to find an old wading pool or sandbox to use as a planter. But it was really hot Tuesday and Wednesday, and so by yesterday morning, the strawberries were looking pretty pathetic. So instead, they went into the herb annex that I built last month.

This is how it looked when I started. Weeds inside and out:

Bed plus one hundred pounds of topsoil, bought for $1.19 per forty-pound bag at Rural King:

Strawberries planted, plastic border and landscape fabric added to help keep the grass and weeds from coming back:

Christmas basil from J Dog, planted in the empty front corner of the pea / lettuce / onion bed:

Sunshade MacGyvered from the rainfly off of our old, busted tent. It worked really well, actually!

I also extended the newspaper and fabric cover out to the edge of the herb strawberry annex. Reclaiming a garden from grass is a bit of a constant, Sisyphean task, but we're plugging away.

Finally, some baby vegetables:

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