Saturday, May 2, 2009

What I did on Friday

Someone on freecycle was giving away tansy starts, and since the mosquitoes are bad in our neighborhood and mosquitoes supposedly don't like tansy, I went to get some. I planted a bunch around the edges of the garden, which took a while but turned out pretty nice, I think. The plants look really pitiful because they were all naked in the sun for a few hours while I got the landscaping fabric rolled out. I'm hoping the rain we had today will perk them up:

The lady was super nice, and also gave me a big chunk of lemon balm, some lilies, some little bluebell-type flowers, and two yellow iris starts. Hot damn! I planted all that stuff in our front bed, which was mulched but otherwise untouched:

And some bonus pics. Morning glories from Danger & MacGyver, planted in the tiny corner bed by the front gate:

Huge mess of huge-ass bush pieces that I had to cut up:

Robins' nest on the carport gutter. It's cute, but I'm half afraid one of them will attack my head when I take out the trash or something. Gah.

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EvilDucky77 said...

I pulled a baby robin away from its nest one time. Its foot was stuck in some fishing line and it was dangling pitifully to its parents dismay. They only divebombed me once when I was manhandling their beebeh, and they didn't actually make contact with me, heh. He flew away later and was fine. Anyway, I doubt they'll attack you :)