Sunday, April 27, 2008

no (day of) rest for the wicked

We aren't quite to the point of actual gardening yet, but we spent all day in the yard today. MB and my cousin MacGyver cleaned out the gutters, put on gutter screening, and cleaned out some disgusting, disgusting clogged downspouts.

While they worked on the gutter project, Indiana and I tackled the beds along the sideyard sidewalk. The people who lived here before us edged the sidewalk with brick and then filled in with rocks, which is a fabulous alternative to having to edge and mow grass in narrow spaces. Unfortunately, weeds were starting to make it out past the rocks, and it was only going to get worse. I've read several different times that newspaper makes a good weed barrier under mulch, so I figured I'd pull all the rocks out, dig up the weeds, lay down newspaper, and then replace the rocks. Of course, writing it out like that makes it sound easier and less tedious than it truly was, but we made it through.

I don't have a "before" picture, because I was positive I'd already taken one and didn't bother to take another. In this photo of Indy supervising, you can see the worst patch of weeds, though:

Step 1:  Weeds! Wah!

Steps 2 & 3:  Move rocks aside, dig up weeds:

Steps 4 & 5:  Lay newspaper, replace rocks:

Someone has to hold down the rocks in case of a strong wind:

Keep repeating the process:

Finally, nearly an entire day later, enjoy the results:

Here's what Kitters was doing while we were slaving away:

I have to admit, he seems to be onto something.

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DaisyJo said...

Kitters looks positively exhausted! (and cute, too.)